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Must know and must try Pinterest Marketing Tactics

Online Reputation Management SolutionsThe internet is definitely the main reason why people can get the right information within just few hours. Gone are the days when people have to do manual search and research, now with internet if a person wants to know something, then he and she can simply find it with the help of internet digitally. There are many people who take the help of internet everyday just to be on a social media in which they opened an account. There are no people who have not heard of social media and because of such a huge traffic it is a very good idea to promote you business with the help of these social media. The best place to get in touch with a lot of potential customers right now is Pinterest and thus it will be very beneficial for you if you can learn the important Pinterest Marketing tactics.


The trend which is here to stay: Pinterest

Online Reputation Management SolutionsPinterest has around 70 million users currently and the number is only growing every single hour. So, what makes Pinterest so popular? The answer to this question is quite easy actually. Pinterest primarily have gained popularity because of the fact that there is no need to write statuses or 140 characters, it deals with only pictures which is the fastest way to promote anything. But you may think that for pictures you have Instagram, so why Pinterest? It is because of the format of Pinterest which is drawing everyone to this social media site.

Here you will have the options to make your virtual boards on anything you can imagine and in such boards you can place different photos which you will find in Pinterest from other people’s board and upload you every one photos. So, suppose you have a jewellery business then you can make different boards on different categories like rings, earrings, necklace and other such related things and then you can pin relevant photos in these boards. So, when a person will search for say ring then she will be able to see you board. So in this way you have the amazing chance to turn a visitor into a potential customer. But you will be able to do this efficiently only if you know the right Pinterest Marketing tactics.

If you truly want to use the amazingly easy to use Pinterest for selling your product or service and make a great deal of profit then just making random boards and pinning any photos you like will not be of any help, the right marketing tactics to use in Pinterest is to be known and now you will learn some of the crucial tactics which will help you to make your business successful.


How to make an eye catching Profile

Online Reputation Management SolutionsSo, the first thing which you have to do after opening an account will be making your profile. There are some tricks which you have to follow which will help you to have a profile which will easily impress visitors. So, first comes the profile picture, always use a head shot or a photo which is related to what you are selling. An important Pinterest Marketing tactics: Do not use logos in your profile. It may happen that you will see popular companies may have logos in their profile but when you are starting out then it will be better if you avoid logos.

The next thing which you have to put in your profile besides a profile picture is your Bio. So, make it as interesting as you can and try to keep it short so that no one gets bored while reading it. There are two things which you definitely have to put in your Bio and they are –

  • Add related keywords, and
  • Add links to your Facebook or Twitter or your websites.

There is one important thing which you need to know about Pinterest is that the top three people you repin will appear on top right, so be careful and think smart while repining as doing this is a clever Pinterest Marketing Tactics.


The most important: Boards and Pins

First, let’s talk about the boards; you have to make two kinds of boards basically. There should be couple of boards which will have pins of your product or service but with such boards you also need to have a board on a popular topic which is related to your product. Making the second type of boards is an important Pinterest Marketing tactics as it will draw in people who were not even looking for the products you are selling. While making the boards be creative and do add keywords.

Now, let’s talk about pictures you will pin. The pictures of your boards should be attractive and pleasing to the eyes. You have to make sure that the pictures are clicked with a very good quality camera and are done by a photographer if you happen to have no knowledge about photography. As Pinterest is all about pictures make sure that you have the best ones pinned. With this you must have a useful description below it too.


Copyrighting is a must

As anyone will be able to repin you photos and thus it is very important that you take the matter of copyrighting seriously as it will help you out in many ways. Taking copyrighting seriously is a very important Pinterest Marketing tactics and should not be avoided at any cost. Use watermark in your photos, so that anyone can find out just by looking at the watermark. Besides this, you have to make info graphic text large. In case you pinning state source and besides these you have to put URL on images too.

So, you can see that the most important Pinterest Marketing tactics are actually quite easy to follow. So, when you have the luxury of making profits just by following simple steps via Pinterest then it will be a smart move to follow them. But there are some things which you should know. You have to do your proper research while starting you product’s profile. Check out profiles of popular brands and see how they do it and also look for smaller yet popular businesses which do collaboration so that you too can reel in more customers by collaborating with them in the future.

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