3 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid from Minnesota Reputation Management Services

Blogging Mistakes to avoid
Blogs are one of the most versatile and widely used tools on the Internet today. With an unlimited amount of topics to write on, millions of ways to set up themes on blogs, they are a highly visible way to get one’s message out to the world. Minnesota reputation management services firm, Webutable, knows that there are several common mistakes that many people make that if corrected, would benefit their blog greatly.

3 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid from Minnesota Reputation Management Services

1. Meta Keywords
Most people are aware of the fact that keywords and keyword placement is crucial online. The best online reputation management firms use a variety of different methods to increase the number of keywords in a blog or content in order to get maximum visibility. One area where many bloggers are dropping the ball is in the meta keywords of their writing space.

There are many ways to determine which keywords are best for the post that is being written. For one, the name of the blog and the person writing the blog should be put in the meta keywords, in order for these names to get more recognition online. The other meta keywords are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on what the post is about.

“If you were writing a blog about the best ways to wash a dog that doesn’t like water, some examples of keywords would be, ‘dog washing,’ ‘fear of water in dogs,’ ‘best ways to wash a dog,’ ‘dog care,’ ‘washing a dog,’ and others,” said one reputation expert “Meta keywords should include terms you think people will search for in order to find your blog.”

2. Make the Title Catchy
Titles for blogs are very flexible. Because the person is posting the blog himself or herself, they do not have to conform to any strict editing standards for how the title should appear. Because of this, Webutable shares that bloggers should get creative with their titles.

“Write a list or ask a question,” said reputation management expert at Webutable, “The more creative and enticing your title is, the more likely people are to want to click on it and read the blog post.”

3. Permalink
Going back to the discussion of how important placing keywords in the content and meta tags of a blog is shares that having the keyword appear in the title is of the utmost importance. Even if the blog post’s title does not feature the keyword, the permalink should.

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