8 Ways to Handle Negative Comments Online About Your Business

The rise in social media networks has made reputation management more important than ever. It is easy for negative comments to become viral and spread rapidly around the Internet damaging a company’s online reputation. There are a variety of techniques available to fight back or prevent this from happening.

8 Ways to Handle Negative Comments Online About Your Business


Proactive Approaches to Reputation Management

1. Monitor the Internet with Google Alerts and other software for comments about the company. React quickly to negative comments by defending the company position and if possible explaining what happened. This ends the negative wave before it grows too big usually.

2. Create blogs focused on positive aspects of the company. Make certain the public knows about the environmentally friendly position of the company or other socially acceptable practices.

3. Create goodwill towards the company with programs aimed at giving back to the community. This helps local business reputation management and lessens the impact of the future negative press.

4. Do a better job responding to customer complaints. A quick response to an email complaining about service or other problems often leaves the customer with a positive feeling about the company when handled properly. Timing is important since a customer who feels ignored is more likely to vent their anger online in the form of negative postings about the company.

5. Hire a reputation management company to monitor and protect your reputation. This moves the program out of the house and takes advantage of professionals who do this full-time.

Let Others Defend Your Brand
Establish an online forum or blog encouraging loyal customers to comment on their experiences with the company. Allow the customers to interact with each other and provide content with the company acting primarily as moderator. This is a good step towards building a community around the brand and creates a dialogue between the company and customers where feedback is more constructive than negative.

This generates positive information online about the company and negative comments that appear in these types of online communities are often rebutted by the community members themselves. Local business reputation management also affects the online reputation of a company. Companies that are popular in their cities and communities benefit from the goodwill of the public in those locations. Local consumers use the Internet also and they are more likely to defend a company seen in a positive light in their area.

Fix Online Reputation
Even though a comment has gone viral and hurt the online reputation of your company, there are ways to fight back and restore a company’s reputation. These methods cost money, but they are worth the investment.

6. Ask other bloggers to write guest articles on your page. This type of content can reach thousands of people and it carries the klout of the blogger.

7. Posting viral content that is positive about the company, it’s not easy, but it is possible with the correct approach. Promoting positive events hosted by the company is a good starting point.

8. Hire a digital marketing agency, like ProWeb365, that specializes in content marketing to create high-quality articles that attract readers and are often re-posted on other internet forums. By having strategic content marketing campaigns, you will able to provide your clients with a clear-cut approach that pushes negative comments while promoting positive content about your organization.

Do you have any other ideas that worked to create a positive company buzz? If so please share we’d love to hear from you! If your company needs assistance with reputation management, contact us today, we are here to help!

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