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Webutable Competitive Difference

Commitment & Support: Webutable’s competitive difference in online reputation management is our transparency, technology, and commitment to support. When you sign up with Webutable, you will be working with knowledgeable search and marketing professionals. We provide:

  • 24/7 web-based search engine reputation tracking
  • Crisis management offerings
  • Ongoing client services and support

Service & Innovation: Our service is augmented by our innovation and expertise in social media and search engine optimization. We understand the needs of prominent people and work hard to ensure that your online reputation is an accurate reflection of your accomplishments. You can rest assured that Webutable will:

  • Boost your online visibility
  • Increase positive content
  • Improve search results on search engines like Google.com and Bing.com

“We’ve found Webutable to be a valuable part of a company’s corporate communications and positioning program. If what’s coming up in the search engine results isn’t consistent with the corporate reputation a client is trying to build or protect, we work with Webutable to improve the results. They are great to work with and our clients have been very pleased.”

-Jennifer E.

Reputation Repair & Management Services

Reputation Solutions

Professional Services
More and more people are turning to search engines to find information about trained professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, and other licensed professionals. With Webutable’s online reputation management services, positive and accurate results will be returned to people who use search engines to look up a practitioner best qualified for their needs.

Industry Leaders
87% of people believe a CEO’s reputation is important in evaluating a company. Online reputation search services provided by Webutable will ensure that search engines return information that positively portrays the image and credibility of your top executives.

Corporate Brands
When it comes to corporate branding, online reputation is more important than ever. 90% of online consumers use search engines as their primary source of information. Webutable’s online reputation management services will make sure that consumers who use search engines find positive and accurate information about your corporate brand.

Philanthropic Organizations
Charitable organizations give a lot to the community, but they are not always well-known for the good work they do. Improved visibility in internet search can result in increased donations and community support. Nonprofit organizations who utilize Webutable’s online reputation management services will make sure their outreach efforts and the results of their work figure prominently in search results.

Political Leaders
A politician’s reputation and performance is a matter of public record and public interest. Webutable’s online reputation management services can balance perspective by highlighting achievements and promoting accurate, unbiased, and positive information in the top search results for current, prospective, or former politicians.

Celebrities / High Profile
Celebrities, athletes, and recognized public figures incite the spread of gossip, news, and photos across social media outlets such as blogs, forums, YouTube, and Twitter. Regardless of tone, accuracy, or credibility, undesirable information can linger in the top results of search engines. Webutable’s online reputation management services will promote favorable content in the top search results.

Legacy Planning
If you are a person of great accomplishment, online information found with search engines should reflect your achievements in the top results. Using advanced techniques in online reputation management services, Webutable will associate the legacy of your name with your contributions.

International Reputation Builder
Prepare Your Company’s Online Reputation for the Global Market Millions of people use search engines to learn more about products, services, brands, corporations, and people. Your search results will vary in different parts of the world. Are you prepared for the international market?

Webutable Builder International
Webutable is the global expert of online reputation management! We are your advocate in the international search results, working with you to shape and deliver your message where people search for your brand and name for many languages and nations. Take control of your online reputation today!

Your vision touches many cultures. Your message crosses international boundaries. You need to reach millions of people in many languages. Use Webutable Builder International to manage search results…in English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. How Webutable Builder International Helps You In Targeted Languages

  • Identify and promote your most important Web content
  • Identify and promote your most valued news coverage
  • Monitor your name space for negative and hostile content
  • Work with you to build balanced, informative search visibility
  • Work with you to ensure current, relevant, accurate information appears in search results

How Your International Search Reputation Affects You

  • Information appears in search results
  • Search engines prefer geological and same- language content for their users
  • Multilingual writers participate in many communities
  • Online translation tools bridge language gaps but may distort information


Internet Monitoring Services

They’re talking about you…Listen with Webutable Monitor

A new generation of “brand influencers” sculpt brand perceptions and purchase decisions as more consumers use web communications as their trusted source of information.


The Solution is Webutable 
Organizations can oversee the social media landscape, enabling them to immediately view online conversations in the past 30 days, as well as identify potential crises, legal, or customer service issues. Take control of your online reputation today!


Webutable Monitor helps you

  • Listen and monitor market and consumers attitudes about your brand and competitors from multiple online sources such as mainstream media, video, photos, blogs, microblogs, in over 10 languages
  • Uncover social media source trends by comparing and contrasting posts from different online feeds
  • Quickly identify and respond to crisis and customer service issues
  • Log preliminary engagement activity to track online responses to posts
  • Assign and track basic post sentiment by scoring them good, bad or neutral

Webutable Monitor is ideal for…

  • Public Relations
  • Corporate and Crisis Communications
  • Customer Experience

“The power shift from media institutions to consumer communities means that marketers must track a diverse and growing range of influential voices.”

Peter Kim Forrester Research


Social Network Management

Social Media is a Stage, Get in the Spotlight Today!

You don’t have just one resume, you have many. Your resume of life experience is the most important statement you can make on the Internet. But how do you shape it?

The Solution is Webutable Social Network Management
This is your advocate in creating the impact you need to deliver in the most important social media communities. You need more than just an empty profile page. Millions of people use social media site search tools each month. Contact us today for more information


Brand Search Marketing

Our search engines optimization builds relevant search referrals, improves conversions, and measures success.

Former Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt once said: “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann muessen Sie Deutsch sprechen [then you must speak German].”

Through Our SEO Services you speak to your search visitors in their language.  You reach out with the right message to the right audience.


Search engines create a highly effective marketing environment because:

  • 81% of consumers perform online research before making purchases
  • 77% of consumers use “brand” searches (in some verticals) to find Websites they have used before
  • 35% of search traffic now comes from 4-word or longer expressions
  • All major search engines now offer spelling corrections for high traffic queries

SEO Services require experience and knowledge. Our SEO Services are based on:

  • 12+ years’ experience in the field
  • Successful optimization of hundreds of Websites
  • Detailed review of thousands of Websites
  • The latest “best practices” for ethically and safely promoting Web content to large markets
  • Fundamental search engine optimization principles recognized by professionals around the world

You can count on Our SEO Services to:

  • Thoroughly research the relevant keywords for your industry
  • Provide you with a detailed search analysis of your Website
  • Create a custom SEO plan that matches your offerings with the right market
  • Regularly report on your search visibility
  • Assist you in understanding your search analytics data



Webutable features an elite Affiliate Program. Our customized global solution is designed to enhance the existing suite of services offered by traditional Marketing and Public Relations Agencies. We have established leaders in the field of Search Reputation Management, Brand Search Marketing and Social Media.

Our best practices methodologies in the dynamic online space will ensure that you and your clients receive optimal campaign results.Webutable’s online solution is tailored to fit affiliate requirements for margin or mark up in line with client budgets and return on investment standards.

Interested in becoming a Webutable affiliate? Contact us today for more information.

“We’ve found Webutable to be a valuable part of a company’s corporate communications and positioning program. If what’s coming up in the search engine results isn’t consistent with the corporate reputation a client is trying to build or protect, we work with Webutable to improve the results. They are great to work with and our clients have been very pleased.”

-Jennifer E.